About Jeff Halligan

Jeff Halligan is a Founder, Entrepreneur,  Amazon Best-selling author, Coaching consultant, Personal development / lifestyle and goal achievement thought leader, a Social Marketing Expert, Online presence specialist, Personal Brand tactician,  and Chief Executive Officer at Halligan Homes – the tech-forward Luxury agency serving the Greater Sandpoint area and all of Bonner and Kootenai Counties.

Prior to entering Real Estate, Jeff has spent almost 3 decades in Digital Marketing, Online Presence Development, and Personal Branding. He is an award winning Website developer, and has a background in the personal development space.

Jeff with his Argentino Mastiff, Benelli

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jeff is the founder of Halligan Homes. A multi-dimensional real estate agency looking to reimagine the real estate industry by intersecting real estate with technology, media, and human connection. 

Breaking into real estate with a strong understanding of online presence creation, positioning, and development, Jeff quickly realized the importance of integrating modern technology into traditional practices. His experience in Web design and development, Digital Marketing , and branding along with his personal development journey and passion for helping others accomplish more. All come together and allows him to create compelling, targeted marketing campaigns that attract the right buyers and showcase the unique features of high-end properties.

While the old guard of agents often resists these new approaches, Jeff embraces them wholeheartedly. The Real Estate World is changing, As agents, we either adapt, or we die.

Personal Development

Besides being an amazing real estate agent, Jeff is also an Amazon Best selling Author, and an influential voice in both personal and professional coaching circles. Some of Jeff’s favorite topics include Success, Quantum theory, Universal Laws, Applicable Neuroscience, Mindset, Branding, and Internet Marketing tactics and strategy. AS if that were not enough, Jeff may also be the best Bass Angler in the known Universe to fish out of a plastic boat.

From a very young age, Jeff has battled with Depression and a overwhelming sense of lacking. This is what sent him on a quest to learn everything he could about human potential, personal development, and tuning your strengths to achieve the results you were after. This also was what gave him almost 30 years in online presence development and growth . as well as becoming influential in both personal and professional coaching circles. He still has some days that are tougher than others, but he is proud to say that he passed his exit date by over 3 years now.

Thought Leader

Jeff is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has published multiple books, articles, and blog posts around success, goal setting, and personal development as well as Holistic entrepreneurship and principles of tribal marketing.

He shares his experiences with others around battling depression and having an ADHD neurodivergent brain.  One of the topics Jeff likes to geek out on is neuroscience, hacking human behavior, and theories of Quantum Mechanics and how they can impact the human experience.

Jeff is confident that he has something to say about just about anything you can think of and as such,  If you would like him to come share his insights on branding, mindset, or marketing or just share some hilarious experiences and adventures that combine real estate , sales, the internet, being an entrepreneur and why that is a curse, or just tell a fish tale or 2. 

Personal Life

Born just outside of Seattle in Fremont, Washington, and raised between Northwest Washington and Coastal Southern California, I moved to Sandpoint nearly a decade ago. Here, I’ve found a perfect balance of professional fulfillment and personal joy. My wife of over 30 years and I, enjoy exploring the natural beauty of North Idaho, making the most of the lakes, woods, and premier ski resorts that surround us.

Beyond real estate, I have always had ever since I can remember, a deep love for the great outdoors and a penchant for martial arts, sci-fi, and fantasy.My wife often teases that I am a hyper caffeinated geek due to my coffee dependency.  From fishing, snowboarding, and kayaking to diving into the worlds of Star Wars, Magic the Gathering,and Dungeons & Dragons, my passions keep my creativity and enthusiasm alive.

Jeff started Halligan Homes as a New Era in residential Real Estate for the greater Sandpoint area and all of Bonner county.

With a people first approach and a tech forward foundation combined with a winning formula for using modern tools, technology, and strategies

Jeff is able to leverage a digital network of Successful and Luxury Agents across different brokerages around the world to help you get the best deal for your property faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

The power of a digital network for selling your home

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