About Jeff Halligan

Jeff Halligan is a real estate agent, a Husband, a Father. He the Founder of Halligan Homes, a full service vertically integrated residential agency with video capability, Digital Marketing, and technology driven. Making Halligan Homes the most cutting edge agency in the greater Sandpoint and Bonner County areas. Jeff is also a competitive kayak Bass angler who describes himself as a hyper-caffeinated geek who loves Star wars, Quantum mechanics and the untapped human potential and how we can interact with the multiverse, and martial Arts. Its no surprise that Jeff  loves a wide range of sci fi, fantasy, and action movies. A student of Quantum theory, Universal Laws, and Human potential ( remember when I said geek?) Jeff will almost always enjoy movies exploring some or all of these topics.

“I prefer the reliability and style of Imports over Domestic vehicles, I love sitting around a campfire with loved ones, and sliding down the face of a mountain at speeds that make me smile. I would love to help you make the next move towards the future you want and the life you dream of living. . It’s the whole reason I love doing real estate.”

Jeff started Halligan Homes as a New Era in residential Real Estate for the greater Sandpoint area and all of Bonner county and has quickly become the most in demand technology driven agency the area has ever seen.

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