How to use Facebook marketing and win every time!

What if I told you that after running hundreds of marketing experiments with Facebook ads, I discovered a simple approach that lets me win every time?

What do I call a Win when it comes to Facebook marketing?

Before we get into how to win with your Facebook Marketing, lets start by identifying a “WIN”. I am talking dollars here. ROI or in this case, ROAS ( Return on Ad Spend).
If your Facebook Marketing is making $2.00 for every $1.00 you spend, than that is a WIN.
If however, your Marketing is making $0.50 for every $1 you spend, that is not such a win. Sure, you can scale it and still see a profit – But who is making the money?
Facebook is making more money from your work, than you are. That doesn’t feel much like winning to me.

Instead what I am speaking of, is a situation where for every $1 you spend on your Facebook marketing, Facebook is giving you back, at least $2. That way, your making $1 AND your marketing is being paid for by Facebook.
That feels a lot more like a win in my book!

Watch the Video Below to Learn how to easily win with your Facebook Marketing!

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Jeff Halligan - Online Marketing consultant and tactician with 20+ years helping companies like yours. Amazon Best selling author, recognized by Ilab for the Global impact award, wrote the guidebook on social media marketing best practices 2017 being used by international social marketing firms.