One truth about Lead Magnets that no one wants to tell you!

One truth about lead magnets that no one wants to tell you.

Because it would kill their sales!

It seems that everywhere you look, Someone is trying to demonstrate the importance of a lead magnet. Usually to convince people to use their template or system or whatever…..
Of course when I say use, I mean buy.
There is a TON of stuff online to “help” you with your own lead magnet.
But are they telling you everything. It would be wonderful if they were, but then their sales would drop.

Not just my word, see for yourself

I wouldn’t expect you to just take my word for it, see for yourself.
google shows the truth about lead magnets with over 800,000 pages all saying basically the same thing! you can check on google here.

Over 800,000 posts on lead magnets?
Now if they all have something new to say, then great.
Please share your tweak, your tactic, or your own secret sauce.
But all of the sites on the 1st page basically regurgitate the same crap.
This is wonderful for you the reader ( well it can save you time at least) but

Is there really nothing more to tell you when it comes to helping you with your lead magnet creation, promotion, and effectiveness?

How about helping you understand how to select a lead magnet that will help you increase qualified leads? These are all things that they could be telling you. And some might, somewhere in the product material ( after you buy it).
Because the 1 thing that I noticed about all of page 1, They all want you to buy something. Not that I fault them for that.
We are all in the same game here after all.

What they do tell you.

So with so many posts all saying the same thing. I figured I would join them, and include it here and save you several hours of redundant reading, you’re welcome.

Defining a lead magnet. They all start off giving us the definition of a lead magnet.
“Lead Magnet – noun – An irresistible “bribe” offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Personally, I think that it should be phrased as an incentive instead of a bribe ( I don’t like that term at all). Some of the sites change up the wording slightly, but for the most part they all give you this same definition. Great, we can all agree then on what we mean when someone says lead magnet right?

Several of the sites then go on to talk about how anything you can deliver digitally can be used as a lead magnet ( Can, Not Should). A report, an e-book, a time-saving tool or even a video.
You could do an audio, or even a transcript from an interview.

Anything that your particular audience is going to get value from. I have even seen memberships into private Facebook groups used as a lead magnet ( I have not checked Facebook policy for the compliance of this behavior, use at your own risk!).

They go on and on explaining the incredible importance of building your list. How the more emails in your list, the more sales you can make.
All of this is decent if not redundant information. But there is something that I think you need to know.
Something that no one wants to tell you ( or maybe they don’t want to admit) about lead magnets. This will make complete sense by the time you finish reading this, as to why they don’t share this important bit of information. I even struggled a bit with if I should share it or not.
Luckily, I came to my senses, and I decided to be the one to pull back the curtain and blow the whistle as it were on this unpleasant elephant in the room.

The 1 truth about lead magnets that no one wants to tell you is…

Getting a lead magnet that works can be a lot of HARD WORK!

That is the one truth about creating a really good lead magnet that no one wants to say.
I know it sounds crazy, but its true!

Everyone acts like creating your lead magnet, and getting it to pull in thousands of people to your prospecting list is going to be incredibly easy.
Sometimes it is. But that is the rare occasion, not the normal experience.

I expect there to be some work involved so why wouldn’t they just admit it upfront?

The reason is simple, people don’t pay money to have to do more work.
We all want something that is fast, effective and easy. Everyone one wants a diet pill to do the work for us, so we don’t have to change what we eat or go to a gym.( Remember the staples Easy Button campaign???)

The facts behind the fact.
So now that you know the ugly truth.
Let me explain the reason that a lead magnet can be so much work.
It has multiple jobs it needs to do!

  1. A good lead magnet needs to be something that helps your ideal customer.
  2. It’s got to be something that they actually want
  3. And the part I see people miss all the time, it needs to help bring them closer to the sale.

In other words…

Your lead magnet needs to be what your ideal customer is already searching for

It needs to actually be able to help them the way you claim, And it needs to market to them at the same time.

All those other sites don’t want to tell you this stuff because they are all selling something to help you get a lead magnet up and running fast, affordable, and easy.
SO the last thing they want to do is tell you ” buy this thing and give yourself a crap ton of work to be able to make a good quality lead magnet that is going to actually grow your list with qualified leads and help you increase your sales.

The other thing that most don’t tell you ( until later) is no matter how amazing your lead magnet, you still need to convince the right people to go to the page and sign up


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