Marketing and Consulting Services

Do you want more customers and more sales?

If you are here, and running a business – then of course you do.

The real question then, is “How do you get more customers and more sales?

There are really only 3 ways to grow your business.
1st Get more traffic to your website.
Let’s say you currently get 1 sale from every 100 visitors to your website. Then if you get 200 visitors, you get 2 sales. easy enough to understand right?
2nd Increase your conversions.
Instead of bringing more traffic to your website ( visitors) you can focus on increasing your percentage of conversions. so rather than getting 1 sale from your 100 visitors, you focus on getting 2 out of every 100.
3rd Increase customer spending.
Instead of working on getting more people to buy, getting the people who are buying to buy more is the 3rd way to increase your income and grow your business. If each customer is spending $100 with you, and you can get them to start spending $110, you see an immediate increase of 10% to your revenue.
4th ( Most effective!) Combine all 3!
That right, with the right strategies in place, you can get more traffic, increase your rate of conversion and maximize customer spending. Imagine what that would do for you and your business!
Just getting your message in front of people is hard enough.
Getting it in front of the right people can seem next to impossible.
With all the different options- social media, blogging, newsletters, guest appearances, webinars, podcasts, Videos, etc…. the list is never ending and ever growing.
Knowing which ones work to reach your audiences and which ones are a complete waste of time ( or even worse) can be the difference between a successful campaign or dismal results.
I don’t like using high pressured sales tactics, or other uncomfortable “Sales Hacks”. So instead, I like to keep it simple. If you would like to work with me and grow your business online, Keep reading…..

1) Do This FIRST

You will have a short series of questions about your business I need you to answer.
Nothing too personal or crazy.Just what your working on, what you do, etc. Things like that.
Make sure your answers are as Honest and accurate as possible. And that your contact information is correct so that I can reach you.

2) What you can expect

Once you have filled out the application, I will get in contact with you to understand more about your business and gather more information so we can accurately plan out how to grow your website together.
This is why it is so important that the information from your questionnaire is as thorough and accurate as possible. If not, my analysis will be off and that hurts our ability together, to drive more traffic and sales to your business.
I will be in contact within 24 hours of your application submission. Then we will schedule a time for a call ( you will want to set aside 30 – 45 minutes) that works for us both.
At that point, if you see the value in us working together, Great. We can talk and I will see about bringing you on as a client.
Don’t worry, If you don’t want to move forward at that time, that’s fine too.
At the very least, you will have received some free advice on how to grow your business.
Ultimately I work best with people who take action and want to get results.
If that’s you, then today is the day you step up and elevate your business to the next level.