Every Successful Online Marketing Campaign has a couple of key elements they share, no matter how unique they might seem.

The purpose of this article is to bring your attention to these key elements with the hope of giving you some insight on how you can improve your own online marketing efforts.

Think back for a moment to any highly successful marketing campaign online. It is not important if it was yours, or someone else’s. What is important is that you recognize these 3 elements and the key role they play in that success.

Without getting these right, you won’t have a chance – no matter how good the rest of it is.

For just a moment, Imagine having the ability to see Everyone on the internet. You are given a gift to see what they are all doing in real time. You see where they are going who they are speaking with, and when it is happening. With only a small amount of effort, something would begin to happen.Patterns begin to emerge. Looking at the people who are on Facebook at any given moment, you notice that within this crowd you notice that there are smaller groups of people collecting together in their own little groups within. These groups form around all sorts of different things. with individuals moving around from one group to another often forming new crowds of their own in the process. This imagined understanding of social gathering is the first key element in creating a successful campaign and sales funnel.

1) Identify your customers and find your Audience.

This is critical to every successful online marketing campaign that has ever taken place.
If your going to succeed with your marketing efforts, then you have to understand who your marketing to.
Understanding your audience involves a few key factors.
Who are they?
What do they share?
Where do they gather?
How do they like consuming content?
Why are they looking for a solution?

Each of these questions should have a clear and precise answer. If not, then you are not ready to even begin to put your marketing campaign together. This audience understanding and profiling ( Avatar Creation) must be the first element you accomplish. Falling under the trap of ” my products are for everyone” will not benefit you or your business in the least. Let me save you a bunch of time, stress, and a ton of cash and tell you that taking that approach is not going to work. What does work, is to focus on an audience that is suffering from a problem that your products or solutions can solve. If you are not sure who that is, or how to find them online, you can click the link and get the same worksheet I use to profile customers for my clients.
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2) Clear understanding of purpose.

Every part of a machine is intentional. each piece has a specific purpose that it accomplishes. It has a job to do. every gear, every bolt. In this way, your online marketing campaign needs to be built with the same level of purpose. Each piece performing a specific task and working together to reach the outcome you have determined. Your online success often depends on your identification of not only the final outcome, but the specific purpose of each piece along the way. Therefore, having a clear definition of purpose is a key element found in every successful online marketing campaign.

A) Streamline the campaign.

By identifying the reason for having each element in advance, it becomes easy to keep on task with each piece. It will also make sure you are not going all over the place creating elements that your campaign does not need. Making reckless elements only wastes your money, resources and time.

B) Stay on task

In order to identify the purpose of each element, you must clearly identify the final desired result you are trying to accomplish with your marketing. Starting with a final outcome, it is easier to keep each piece on task to help move your prospect towards the final goal.

C) Effectively measure and adapt as necessary.

Finally, having a clear definition of purpose for your marketing campaign makes it so that you can determine and measure the success and effectiveness of the entire campaign as well as each piece within it. Being able to quickly identify the parts that are less effective means you can increase the effectiveness of the entire campaign by increasing the effectiveness of individual elements.

3) Identify your Key Points of Importance.

Having a clear understanding of what Key Point of data are important to your end goals will make sure that the data you are collecting and using to measure your marketing effectiveness is relevant. Otherwise you risk your online marketing budget chasing after the wrong data and missing your outcome entirely. With the wrong KPI’s you will not even be able to see if your campaign was successful in relation to the goals you set out to accomplish. With the right ones, you will know when you reach your goals.


It doesn’t matter what your online marketing goals, or the campaign you intend to use to reach them are. Not as long as you take the time to do some foundation work. By creating an understanding in these 3 elements, You give your business and your online marketing the best chance of success. Without these elements, you have little to no chance even before you begin.

About the Author

Jeff Halligan - Online Marketing consultant and tactician with 20+ years helping companies like yours. Amazon Best selling author, recognized by Ilab for the Global impact award, wrote the guidebook on social media marketing best practices 2017 being used by international social marketing firms.