Live Training: Creating and ( actually) Using your customer avatar

Your Business is built on your passion to make a difference in peoples lives. Your content, your products your services, all have been developed to add massive value to your customers. Solving their problems with life changing effects.

You just know in your heart that it can change the world for so many people. Everyone can benefit from your work. So naturally you want to make sure that anyone can be your customer.
Now if only the rest of the world would get on board.

For many Entrepreneurs (myself included), this can be a pivotal point in their business. Also one of the hardest lessons to learn and the most challenging to apply. To stop trying to get everyone as your customers and instead focus on getting the customers you want the most.

Lets face it, there are some people in this world that we don’t really get along with.
There are people that are not people we would want to spend a lot of time working with, socializing with or going out of our way to try and make them understand something new or different.You might mumble under your breath or even avoid these people entirely at a social event,
So why would you want to bring them into your business? You wouldn’t.

Instead you should focus on bringing the people you most want to spend time with. The people you Would love to socialize with, The ones you love to see when you are at a social event. Doing this does several things for your business. First it makes it where you will enjoy your work that much more and wont feel like you are just an employee to your own business. This alone can cause you to burn out, and worse – give up entirely. It makes a lot of sense and is pretty easy to understand this concept. If your customers are all people you love talking to, associating with, and want to have around then you are going to enjoy working with them as well.

The other thing it does for your business is alot less obvious. when you stop trying to attract the wrong customers or clients, and instead only focus on attracting the ones you actually want in your business. You suddenly start seeing more interest, gaining more leads, making sales and finding more customers. No seriously , its true!

Something about only talking with the people you really want to talk with, makes all sorts of magic happen. How you figure out who those people are in a quantifiable and strategic manner is something else that plagues so many Entrepreneurs.
Figuring out who your ideal customers are takes a special blend of imagination and factual data. Putting together this customer profile or Avatar is not only an essential exercise but will give you some real world information you can use to generate traffic and sales.

Luckily for you, there are tools such as my Avatar Blueprint that can help you. But it can take some time, and there is a learning curve to getting the Data you want in order to better understand your ideal customers SO you can find and reach them.
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That is why I have provided for quite some time now an Intensive 1 on 1 training just focusing on the Customer Avatar and how to create and use them. These Intensives have always ran anywhere from 2 – 4 hours and generally cost about $500.

Recently, while talking with a prospect,they brought up a very good point. $500 is a large investment for a lot of starting businesses or entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of sales yet.

They wanted to know if I had maybe a less exclusive training that was more affordable. This got me thinking. I knew that I did not yet have anything of that nature, but looking back at the history of customers who I had done an intensive on this with, were usually looking to expand into a new audience or were launching something new.

The point being, they were established and therefore could afford the larger investment. Now that was not my intention when I decided to offer these intensive coaching sessions.

So to remedy the situation here is what I have done for those of you who are in that situation.
I have decided that I am going to do the same deep level training that I do with the Intensive, but I am going to do it as a 4 hour live training for a group of people. Allowing me to lower the cost for each individual and give me the ability to help a lot more entrepreneurs and businesses to actually get customers and generate sales online.

The platform limits how many people I can have on a single event to a maximum of 100. So it is going to be critical that if you want to get in on the avatar intensive online, you have to act.
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Jeff Halligan - Online Marketing consultant and tactician with 20+ years helping companies like yours. Amazon Best selling author, recognized by Ilab for the Global impact award, wrote the guidebook on social media marketing best practices 2017 being used by international social marketing firms.