Jeff Halligan

Jeff Halligan, Online Marketing Consultant and Tactician

Hey, I’m Jeff Halligan. I am an Online Marketing Consultant, Strategist, and Tactician. In other words, I can help you find and get more customers for your business using online tools, strategies, and tactics. My holistic approach combining direct response marketing with brand development and human behavior enables me to help you get your message to the people who are looking for your message and who need your products and services.

I have been a part of projects for companies such as Clarks, IKEA, MTV and many more. But some of my proudest achievements have been slightly more personal. I have written multiple books including an Amazon Best seller, and have had the pleasure of being recognized for the iLab Impact Award for Exponential Entrepreneurs Multiple years in a row. I also have had the pleasure of writing the social marketing playbook being implemented by multiple international marketing firms here in the Us and in Europe.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing Magic the Gathering, Discussing Quantum mechanics and Personal development implications. I am an avid Star Wars and Marvel movies fan, who’s dislike for tomatoes is rivaled only by my love of a good cup of coffee.

Yes, I want Jeff to help me grow my business!