Jeff Halligan

Jeff Halligan, Online Marketing Consultant and Tactician

Jeff Halligan is an online marketing consultant and tactician with 20+ years experience helping businesses get the most from their online efforts. He has been called the world’s most foremost on the best practices for social marketing (In 2017 He literally wrote the social marketing best practices guide now referenced by multiple international digital marketing and branding agencies.)

Jeff is an Amazon Best seller and a personal resource for some of the worlds top social and influencer marketing experts. And has been recognized multiple times for the Ilab global Impact award.

Jeff is also a competitive Magic the Gathering player, a husband and father of 2. He is a huge Star Wars and Marvel universe fan, He is also an avid angler who’s dislike for tomatoes is rivaled only by his enjoyment of a good cup of coffee.

Yes, I want Jeff to help me grow my business!