Easily create your customer avatar quickly with the Avatar 1 sheet blueprint.

This training is meant to be used with the avatar 1 sheet blueprint,
If you have not downloaded your copy yet, you can do so here.

Now that you have the blueprint, I am going to show you how you can save a ton of time, and know that you have it right the 1st time, quickly and easily.
I am going to show you 3 research hacks that will make you wonder why you didn’t do this weeks ago!

Trick # 1 )
Magazines bring people together!
This is a great way to get alot of information relevant to your audience.
Look for magazines that are related to your topic, product, or industry.
You can go to magazines.com, look under topic, or use their search bar.
then google the magazine website for each of the ones that you feel might be a good fit.
once you get to the website, look for media kit, or advertising.
Here there will be plenty of data about their readership. Including size, Income, gender, and much more.
once you have a few that seem likely. put each one into a text document for quick copy/paste.

Now we go to the 2nd Trick.
Open up facebook, and go to your page. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you will need to create one for this part. Ok, now navigate to promotions, and click on the link to open the ads manager.
Inside ads manager, open the drop down menu and select “audience insights.

1) leave the age and gender on default for now ( you will find out what you should select shortly ).
2) choose location – I normally start with country.
3) Now go down to interests and put in the 1st magazine.
4) You will start to see some relative data about the larger audience who likes that magazine. compare to the media kit data ( it should be close to the same).
5) across the top you will see different tabs.You will see lifestyle/demographics, pages, etc…

6) here you will see a list of categories on the left, and links to different pages in common with this audience.
7) below where you listed the magazine you will see ” narrow more”. click the link.
8) Using some of the relevant pages, add them to the interests.
9) continue doing this for different categories as necessary to narrow your audience down below 500,000

There is so much data you can get just from these 2 hacks, that I hesitate to point out the other one.
But I promised 3 so, I will give it to you. Use this 3rd one ONLY if you still need more information or if you could not find anything with the magazines.

Amazon has everything under the sun, or at least it seems that way.
Luckily for us, and the part we are most interested in for this,
is the heart of Amazon. Books.

You may want to look at physical and digital lists for this.
Under books, go to the relative section, and look at the best sellers list.
Each book will list the Author, as well as related books and Items.
Use these the same way as the magazines inside the Facebook Audience insights tool.

These 3 tools work together to help you complete your Avatar 1 sheet blueprint.
When you are done, you should have a pretty good understanding of who your audience is, but there is still 1 thing left to do with your avatar.
figure out what your ideal customer looks like and give them a face!

Because this is private use, an image from google should suffice.
You can use the media kit to guide your googling, or you could put in the necessary demographic data you gained to help you find the image for your avatar.

Okay, you now have a face to your profile, Time to give a Name to the face. The Name you can just make up.

You have figured out who your customers are, and with the use of the magazine websites, and using Facebook it should be pretty easy to learn what language your customers are using in relation to your industry and what language you may need to educate them on. Someone looking to get their 1st website probably won’t understand what you mean if you talk in terms of traffic, or opt in conversion for example.