My 3 favorite tactics to get more followers and more traffic from Facebook (without spending a dime!)

Facebook with its daily users reaching over 3 million seems to be a pretty lucrative place to put your message. Even better, they have some very powerful tools to help you place your ads directly in front of the people you want to see them. But with so many tools for advertising, Facebook ads can get expensive. And worse, if you are just starting out, odds are you will spend a small fortune before you figure out what works for you. Now for the good news, Even though Facebook would prefer to get your money, there are still FREE ways that you can use Facebook to grow your business!

Luckily for you, when you know how to use the innate power of Facebook, You can get results with any budget( Even if it’s $0) I mean it’s social element after all. You can grow a large following and increase the level and quality of traffic to your website even if you can’t spend a dime on advertising.

Tactic #1 ) Use content that is already working.
We don’t always need to do everything from scratch. Use what is working already.
a) With Facebook’s own search tool, you can identify other pages that are in your topic
Use keywords to bring up the best matches. go thru the results and look at what posts are getting lots of engagement ( likes, comments, etc…). Read, watch or listen to the content! Now you have 2 ways you can take advantage of these posts. I find doing some of each to be the most effective.
A) Use it to create your own content on the same topic ( turn an article into a video for example) or, you can simply share the content that is already performing well to your page.

B) Use google to find even more similar content to bring to your page.

Tactic #2 ) Share Content from your website
This tactic is something you should do EVERY time you put something on your blog or website.
When you create a new piece of content, Share it to your social media. Use a small snippet from your content for your post, then give them a link that will bring them over to the full post on your website.

Tactic #3 ) Integrate social tools directly on your site.
By using the socializing tools facebook makes available to you, people can like, share and comment on the articles and content directly on your website. Not only does this build social proof for your content, it also allows them to identify with your page and more importantly, with each other.

Using these 3 tactics, it is quite possible to greatly increase the traffic to your website in a relatively short period of time without breaking your budget, or even spending a dime on ads….

About the Author

Jeff Halligan - Online Marketing consultant and tactician with 20+ years helping companies like yours. Amazon Best selling author, recognized by Ilab for the Global impact award, wrote the guidebook on social media marketing best practices 2017 being used by international social marketing firms.