If your struggling to get more traffic, leads, customers or sales,
Online Marketing is the solution you have been looking for. Automated funnels drive qualified traffic and grow your leads. They deliver your message in a more strategic and intelligent manner with modern technology and marketing best practices. and most importantly, they increase your sales without requiring you or your team to be chained to their computers.


I’m Jeff Halligan I am an online marketing strategy and tactics specialist. MASTER their online marketing and social media to gain traffic, increase leads, and generate more sales automatically.

My only question is… Will it be YOURS?

Yes, I Want more traffic and Sales

Success starts by knowing your customers, and how to reach them

Why Online Marketing?

Reach a Global Audience –
Build a Community of Loyal Customers and Raving Fans –
Stand Out From the Noise-
Increase Conversions –
Bring your Customers to you

There are 3 keys to building or growing your business online.Traffic, Conversions, and Sales



Not all traffic is equal. Discover the right traffic, and how to get more of it!



Traffic only helps if people stick around either as leads, or customers.



With an automated sales funnel, you can turn your leads into sales ( even while your sleeping! )



Thank You again!!! Your vast knowledge and understanding has helped me (yet again!).
You are extremely creative, caring, and driven.
You always manage to surprise me with the speed and level of results you always bring!

Mary Shakun, Founder

Million Children Rising, Inc.

Tactical online marketing is meant to put your business in front of the right audience to make it easier for them to find you when they need you most.

Online Marketing or Tactical Online Marketing? Online marketing has grown stale. It is getting more and more difficult to get someones attention online. Its almost impossible offline. But what is Tactical Online Marketing?

Think of Tactical online marketing as Online Marketing 2.0. It is online marketing done with intelligence data. More and more people are connected online everyday. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have made it easier for people to stay connected to each other and to the brands they care about.
But, with all the digital noise bombarding each of us on a daily basis. Making it almost impossible to effectively do blind approach marketing. You need to know who your audiences are, and where they turn to when they need a solution. That is what a tactical marketing approach enables you to do.


Landing Pages Secrets Unlocked!
Discover the 15 secrets to making landing pages that convert like crazy!

No matter how much traffic you send to your website, If you have a bad landing page your not going to get sales…..

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Maximize your Conversions

Maximizing your conversions takes strategy.The landing page and the opt-in bonus must work together to bring the right people to your site.


Message Driven

Your conversion and marketing funnels must be driven by your message, your vision for others and your efforts to help them reach that vision.


Build Momentum

Once you start to build momentum, it gets easier to “take off.” With the right strategies, tactics, and systems in play – it becomes inevitable.


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