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The New Art of Online Marketing

RAPIDLY increase their sales and grow their business, by getting more clients / customers online. My only question is,

Will it be YOUR Business?

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Success comes from a blend of
knowing how to communicate with your customers,
and understanding how they behave.

Who is Jeff Halligan( Not just another online marketing guy)

Jeff Halligan, Online Marketing Consultant and Tactician

Hey, I’m Jeff Halligan,I make businesses just like yours more successful with their online marketing.
At 47 I have come to realize that I have dedicated my life being a hero to others.
I don’t mean putting on tights, and a cape ( I would so rock a cape!). You won’t find me brooding in a secret cave filled with bats, under a mansion either.
No, What I mean is I have always, from a very young age wanted to help others overcome challenges in order to bring them greater amounts of happiness, or in the least reduce their amounts of struggle. So much so, that my wife has often shown concern for my level of putting others before myself.

But it has been this drive to help people, to be the hero for them in these everyday ways that has pushed me to become who and what I am today. A heretic and holistic marketing and business consultant who gets fired up from successful marketing funnels, traffic generation and even the back end data stuff most people dread.

It is this level of passion and effort that I bring to all of my clients and their businesses. I have been called the world’s most front runner on the best practices for social marketing. In early 2017, I wrote the social marketing best practices guide now referenced by multiple international digital marketing and branding agencies.

I am also an Amazon Best seller and a personal resource for some of the worlds top social and influencer marketing experts.And I have been recognized multiple times, for the Ilab global Impact award.

I am a Husband and father of 2 Sons. Also a competitive Magic the Gathering player, and huge fan of both Star Wars and Marvel.My dislike of tomatoes is only rivaled by my love for a truly good cup of coffee.

How I can help you with your social and online marketing?

The short answer is, I help businesses make a lot more money online by connecting their marketing with their message in a bigger way.

The in-depth answer is that I help companies like yours exponentially increase their sales and ROAS ( Return on Ad Spend) from their online marketing and sales funnels. By intentionally crafting a greater impact for their customers and prospects.

My services stem from my advanced understanding of this holistic business relationship. One crafted between direct response marketing and your audiences behavior. My deep level understanding of connections between business and personal growth, and the psychology that drives it. It is the Driving force behind my done for you marketing services,consulting, and my guided DIY intensives.

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A note from one of my consulting customers:

Thank You again!!! Your vast knowledge and understanding has helped me (yet again!).
You are extremely creative, caring, and driven.
You always manage to surprise me with the speed and level of results you always bring!

Mary Shakun, Founder

Million Children Rising, Inc.
Past Clients

How can I help you with your online marketing efforts?

Whether you need someone who is experienced and skillful to run all of your marketing for you.
Or are looking for someone to work with you, Someone to coach or consult with you to set up your next campaign,Product launch, or just to be there as you reach your next ( or your 1st ) 7 figures. If you are looking to receive the most results-based consulting to maximize returns, or are driven to learn how to do online marketing yourself, I can help you get there.

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Maximize your Lead Conversions

Maximizing your conversions takes strategy.The landing page and the opt-in bonus must work together.You need the right pieces before you can complete the puzzle.


Message Driven

Your conversion and marketing funnels must be driven by your message. Your vision for others and your efforts to help them reach that vision. When you craft your material with intention and craft its impact, Your audience notices, listens and responds.


Build Momentum

Once you start to build momentum, it gets easier to “take off.” With the right strategies, tactics, and systems – it becomes inevitable.